Here is a list of trumpet equipment that I use, for the gearheads out there. 



Bach B-flat trumpet, 37 bell, full Ken Larson Conversion

Bach C trumpet, 239 bell, full Ken Larson Conversion

Weimann 'Passion' rotary C trumpet

Blackburn E-flat and D trumpet

Yamaha 9830 piccolo trumpet w/ Blackburn leadpipes

Rainer Egger 3 hole Baroque trumpet, historical model, Haas bell

Natural trumpet after Hanns Hainlein, built at the 2014 International Trumpet Building Workshop.



B-flat  and C trumpets - Parke Orchestral 660-280-24 with Orchestral 24 backbore

E-flat trumpet - Greg Black 1C with #8 backbore

Piccolo trumpet - Greg Black 7CS with #11 backbore

Rotary trumpet - Parke Orchestral 660-280-24 with Breslmair G2 backbore

Flugelhorn - Laskey 80F

Cornet - Greg Black 1C

Baroque trumpet - Egger SI6

Natural trumpet - Egger SI6-OPT and Egger Bull-3


Torpedo Coyote 2.5

Brass Bags Quad

Torpedo Outlaw Loredo